Import complete workflow and app to Retool

This tutorial will guide you to import a workflow and an app into Retool to quickly get started with Weavy and start experimenting.

Have Retool ready, set the parameters to unlock the tutorial, and get started.

Don't have the parameters? Sign up for free, or sign in and set up your environment to get the parameters.

1. Import workflow

First, we need to import our workflow that will sync the user with Weavy and give us an access token.

  • Download WeavyRetoolWorkflow.JSON
  • Go to Workflows in Retool
  • Click Create New and select From JSON
  • All settings are already included, so all you have to do is Deploy (up to the right).
    • If the Deploy button is disabled, some of the settings might not have loaded correctly - simply refresh, and it should be working.
    • Any message about no triggers configured can be ignored.
Download WeavyRetoolWorkflow.JSON

2. Import app

Next, we need to import the app.

  • Download WeavyRetoolApp.JSON
  • Go to Apps in Retool
  • Click Create  and select From JSON/ZIP, keep the name of the app and click Create app
  • Click the code icon in the left panel, and select getAccessToken
  • Set Workflow to WeavyRetoolWorkflow
  • Set Workflow parameters to JSON with the following values;
    • avatar: {{ current_user.profilePhotoUrl }}
    • email: {{ current_user.email }}
    • fullname: {{ current_user.fullName }}
    • uid: {{ current_user.sid }}
  • Click Save & Run
  • The building blocks should now refresh and start working
Download WeavyRetoolApp.JSON

3. Take it for a test run

A Retool app should now be up and running with three building blocks rendered: chat, feeds, and files. Invite other users to the app to try the real-time chat and feeds, etc.

Unlock the tutorial with your Weavy API key.