There's more to Chat than sending messages

Best-in-class security, the lowest possible latency, third-party support. Unlike Stream, Weavy isn't built to be all talk


Complete in-app chat API

Weavy increases user retention by bringing crucial collaboration features like Chat directly into your app. All while giving you best-in-class security and the lowest possible latency when you self-host.

Weavy works with the services your users already loves, like Google Drive, Dropbox, Zoom, and more.

A simple chat and feeds API

Stream gives developers a quick way to add chat or feeds to their app using a simple Rest API that connects to Stream's servers or proprietary edge network. Stream charges you extra for things like additional users, Single Sign-On, or dedicated servers to reduce latency.

Stream has very limited third party support so be careful if your users need to use Chat to send files or share links to video calls via Zoom.
chat-product stream
Direct messages
Group chat
Video call integrations
Cloud storage integrations
Less limits
Unlimited messages
Unlimited MAU
Unlimited API calls
Free hosting
Dedicated server support
Third party integrations
Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft Teams calls
Zoom calls
Safety and security

Great features. Better price.




Unlimited users
File attachments
Simple reactions

$0.09/user per month

Typing & presence indicators
Third party integrations
Unlimited reactions



$499/month for 10k users
$1299/month for 25k users
$2299/month for 50k users

Putting the Active back in Monthly Active Users

What does MAU mean to you?

At Weavy we take the Active in Monthly Active Users very seriously: you only pay for users that are actively using Chat within your app. 

Unlike Stream there is no cost for you to add users our API, only when they're taking actions like:

  • Sending messages
  • Reacting to messages
  • Uploading or downloading files