Simple, straightforward pricing.

Choose the features and plan that's right for your app.

Instant Messaging

Advanced in-app instant messaging in a snap.

  • ThumbnailsAuto thumbnail generation for shared images.
  • AttachmentsShare files with powerful in-app preview.
  • Chat historyUnlimited searchable chat history.
  • Read receiptsSee who received and read messages.
  • Rooms/ChannelsSend messages one-to-one or in rooms/channels.
  • VideoIntegrations with Zoom and Microsoft Teams for instant video calls.
  • NotificationsReal-time notifications across all devices.

Activity Feeds

Enable engagement and conversations in your app.

  • GalleryAuto thumbnail generation and image gallery in posts.
  • FilesShare files with powerful in-app preview.
  • PollsShare polls for gathering opinions on the spot.
  • MentionsTag fellow users and get their attention.
  • InteractionsReact and give feedback to posts, comments, and more.
  • NotificationsReal-time notifications across all devices.

File Sharing

Powerful secure file sharing embedded into your app.

  • Remote EditingRemote content authoring through WebDAV.
  • PreviewPowerful in-app preview of all major formats.
  • VersioningView and rollback to earlier versions of any file.
  • Office 365Work with Office 365 files.
  • IntegrationsAdd files from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
  • NotificationsReal-time notifications across all devices.


Embed task delegation and to-dos into your app.

  • To-dosPersonal and team to-do lists directly in your app.
  • DiscussTag team and discuss the tasks at hand.
  • AttachAttach files with powerful in-app preview.
  • DelegateTag fellow users and get their attention.
  • PrioritizeDrag & drop to reorder and set priority level.
  • NotificationsReal-time notifications across all devices.

Pick and choose the features you need for your app.

You choose between buying a perpetual license or subscribing to <weavy/>, make the choice that fits your needs best.





Instant Messaging



Activity Feeds



File Sharing






Updates, hotfixes, and technical support

Included first year

Always included

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Pricing & License FAQ

Buying or Subscribing

Tell me about Buying

Buy means you own a license of <weavy/> and can use it perpetually.

For the features you've selected, you have the option to opt-in for support, maintenance, and access to all upgrades for ------ /year.

Tell me about Subscribing

Subscribing to <weavy/> means that it's financially less "front heavy" from a cost perspective.

Your subscription includes support, maintenance, and access to all upgrades.

It's always month-to-month and you can cancel at any time.

Updates, hotfixes, and technical support

If you have an active support & maintenance agreement for your license all of that is included.

With your subscription, it's always included.

Can I move from Subscription to Buy, and the other way around?

You can definitely move from Subscription to Buy at any time, just pick the features you need and buy the license and it's yours forever.

The other way around, doesn't really make sense... right? 😉

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What about upgrade, support, and that stuff?

When Subscribing it's always included - all future upgrades, support, the whole shebang's.

When you Buy it's included if you have an active support & maintenance agreement.

What if I'm not an app company?

If you're an enterprise and in the need to use <weavy/> on top of you business apps internally, not a problem at all, but the licensing is different. Contact us for more information and a quote.

Talk to sales

Is <weavy/> metered?

No, not at all... once you have <weavy/> integrated into your app you can grow infinite and unlimited and it won't affect your cost at all.

This is true for both Buying and Subscribing.

That also means we can say goodbye to insanely complicated rocket science transaction-based pricing structures - what you see is what you get. Period.

What does Full-Suite means?

It means you get all the features to a nice discount, BUT it also means it's future proof.

If you get the Full-Suite now, you get ALL future features we add to <weavy/> at no extra charge.

Always included

Regardless if you're Buying or Subscribing, with all features you'll always get full access to all our SDKs, APIs, UIs, and whatnot.

Learn more at our docs site

Usage rights

Your license, either if you Buy or Subscribe, applies to one app.

That means if you have more than one app that you want to add <weavy/> to, you need to have multiple licenses or subscriptions.

For example, let's say Microsoft wants to add <weavy/> (and they should, right?) to PowerBI and Dynamics 365, then they would have to have two licenses of <weavy/>.

You have a bunch of apps and want a discount?

Talk to sales

Tech stuff

Where's <weavy/> hosted?

<weavy/> is always hosted your own infrastructure - that being Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, etc - we work with everyone. We've optimized <weavy/> and it requires a very small footprint and little to no maintenance.

We offer managed 

Do I have access to the data?

Yes. Always.

We never have access to any of your data, it's all yours. So, if you have any data regulations or compliance issues in your industry, rest assured - you can comply with them.

Can I customize <weavy/>?

Yes. If you can think it, you can do it.

You can do the low hanging fruit customizations such as font, colors, etc quickly and you can do the heavy lifting customizations such as building hooks, your own apps, content types, and more.

But again. If you can think it, you can do it.

Learn more at our docs site

Free trial

Get started

Set up a 14-days free trial of <weavy/> and start adding it to your app instantly.

Free trial

14-days free trial. No credit card. No obligations.

Feature complete

All features available, no limitations.


Full access to all our SDKs and documentation.