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In-App Comments

The fastest way to seamlessly embed commenting in your app, enabling users to discuss

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Enable discussions

Get users engaged

Adding comments to your app is a great way to increase user engagement

Adding contextual comments in your app with features such as @mentions, attachments, and chatbots are becoming a requirement for great user experiences.

Enable discussions

Embed customizable commenting experience into your app


Add commenting everywhere and anywhere in your app.


Pull people into the discussions through @mentions.

Avoid scope creep

Stay on target

Get table stakes features like feeds in your app without diverting your roadmap

Building in-app comments might be outside your existing scope or core competencies. So keep your team's focus on what you do best, and we do the rest. 

Adding our comments building block to your app can help you stick to your roadmap while still adding new features.

Award winning

Exceptional performance and outstanding support have earned us recognition as a top performer on G2 by our users.