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Full messenger experience in your app with group and private chats for all your users through our easy to add building block

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Let your users stay connected

Adding in-app messenger to your app is the perfect way to increase user engagement

Collaboration and social features like direct messaging, group chats, chatbots, file sharing, and @mentions are now key components of user experiences for modern apps. 

Adding Weavy's In-app Messenger to your app increases user engagement and in-app retention.


Add ChatGPT or Gemini in messaging to enable chatbots.

Group and private chats

Enable your users to instantly set up private or group conversations.

Video calls

Users can start Zoom and Teams start calls from the chat UI.

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Stick to your roadmap

Get a full-featured messenger into your app in days with our building block

Bringing user-to-user communication and collaboration inside your app is a departure from your core offering. So keep your team's focus on what you do best, and we do the rest. 

Adding Weavy's In-app Messenger to your app keeps you on target for your next release while still adding more features.


Add Messenger to your platform

Developer resources designed specifically for your platform, to fast and easily add messenger to your web app


Works with your full-stack web app

Add messenger to your web app

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