Boost your client portal built in HubSpot CMS - 4 key features to add

Four key features to make the user experience better

Feb 22, 2024

Add collaboration features to your HubSpot CMS site

In today's competitive business environment, having a client portal is a necessity. It acts as the central hub for your clients, offering them access to valuable resources, support, and information. However, with the digital landscape evolving rapidly, simply having a client portal is not enough.

Businesses must continually seek ways to enhance the user experience to meet and exceed client expectations. For those utilizing HubSpot CMS to power their client portals, integrating advanced features such as chat, feeds, file sharing, and comments can significantly elevate the user experience.

Here are four ways to make your client portal better:

1. Integrate real-time chat

Communication is key in any relationship, and this holds true for your business relationships as well. Integrating a real-time chat feature into your client portal allows for instant communication between your team and your clients, and even client user-to-client user. This immediacy not only boosts client satisfaction but also fosters a stronger relationship by making your team accessible when clients need them the most.

  • Benefits: Increases engagement, reduces response time, and improves client support.
  • Implementation Tip: Utilize HubSpot CMS's integration capabilities to embed a third-party chat solution that aligns with your portal’s workflow and design.

2. Create dynamic feeds

Dynamic feeds bring the pulse of your community to your client portal. By incorporating a feed feature, you can share updates, news, and personalized content directly with your clients. This not only keeps your clients informed but also encourages regular interaction with your portal.

  • Benefits: Keeps clients up-to-date, personalizes the client experience, and encourages regular visits to the portal.
  • Implementation Tip: Use HubSpot CMS to curate content based on client interests, behavior, and interaction history to make feeds more engaging and relevant.

3. Enable file sharing and collaboration

The ability to share files and collaborate within the client portal is a game-changer for efficiency and project management. This feature simplifies the process of reviewing documents, working on joint projects, and accessing essential files without the need to switch between multiple tools.

  • Benefits: Streamlines collaboration, reduces email clutter, and centralizes project materials.
  • Implementation Tip: Integrate a file-sharing solution that offers seamless uploading, downloading, and real-time collaboration features, ensuring it’s secure and compliant with your industry standards.

4. Incorporate comments and feedback loops

Feedback is invaluable for continuous improvement. By adding a comment section or feedback loop within your client portal, you provide clients with a voice. This feature not only allows you to collect insights directly from your users but also fosters a community atmosphere by enabling discussions and interactions among clients.

  • Benefits: Enhances client satisfaction through direct involvement, gathers actionable insights, and encourages community building.
  • Implementation Tip: Design the commenting feature to be intuitive and easy to use, ensuring it supports threaded discussions and notifications to keep the conversations alive and engaging.


Enhancing your client portal on HubSpot CMS with these four features—chat api, feeds api, file sharing api, and comments—can significantly improve the user experience, fostering stronger relationships and driving engagement.

Each feature brings its unique value, working together to create a more interactive, efficient, and client-centric portal. As you plan these integrations, focus on seamless implementation and user-friendly design to ensure that your portal not only meets but exceeds client expectations, setting your business apart in a crowded digital landscape.

You can see some samples here with Weavy building blocks embedded into a site with SSO enabled.

Add collaboration features to your HubSpot CMS site

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