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5 ways file sharing can make your app better

Sep 23, 2023

At some point during your application's development process, you've likely asked yourself whether to include file sharing as an option for users. On the one hand, you say to yourself that they probably already have some type of file sharing solution in their lives. Whether it's Dropbox or iCloud or something else entirely, their need is being met, so why bother?

On the other hand, not including file sharing is failing to tap into your app's full potential. There are five ways in particular that file sharing won't just be helpful - it will actually make your app better.

1. File versioning for better collaboration

For both personal and enterprise app users, one of the major benefits of file sharing is that it makes it easier to collaborate with their peers. But the right file sharing solution will do more than just allow the transfer of information from Point A to Point B. It will also allow for file versioning so that multiple versions of the same file can be stored. When multiple users are all collaborating using the same files, for example, this can help make it easy to confirm that everyone has the most recent set of changes to work from.


2. The power of document sync

File sharing also brings with it the benefit of document syncing - or, to put it another way, it makes it easier than ever to collaborate with yourself

If a user makes a change to a document on their phone, it's immediately pushed to every other device they have - including their desktop or laptop computers. All data is accurate and up-to-date everywhere, anywhere, at any time.

3. Increased security

Adding file sharing to your app can also help protect the entire platform by way of best-in-class security options. Security is especially critical for entities like healthcare organizations that have regulations like HIPAA to contend with. This can also help cement a competitive advantage for your app, as not all options are able to offer the required level of security.


4. Helping people simplify their lives

When executed properly, file sharing can also allow your app to dramatically simplify their lives, especially when it comes to making sense of where their critical information is stored. Features like file previews, for example, allow users to preview documents, image, and even media files like movies and music, without downloading the files locally. This makes knowing exactly where something is at all times effortless.


5. The flexibility of integrations

Finally, adding file sharing to your app can make it better by opening the door to a myriad of other series that people are likely already using. This includes but is not limited to things like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneSuite, GSuite, Microsoft Office, and more.

In the end, don't forget that one of the primary jobs of your app is to make your users lives better. Regardless of the industry you're in, your goal is to make it easier to complete important tasks, or to help provide straightforward solutions to the real challenges that people face. Thanks to advantages like file versioning, document sync, increased security, and more, file sharing goes a long way towards accomplishing precisely that.

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