Forge new frontiers: The Weavy + Atlassian Forge it hackathon

Get ready to break down silos and supercharge your Atlassian applications! The Forge it hackathon is your chance to harness the combined power of Atlassian Forge and Weavy's building blocks to create innovative extensions, apps, and workflows that redefine the way teams work together.

May 1, 2024

Collaboration reimagined

This hackathon is where you can elevate the Atlassian experience. Imagine seamless communication, real-time collaboration, and dynamic integrations that make your apps even more powerful. Weavy's building blocks provide the framework to help you innovate quickly and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Hackathon themes

Let these themes ignite your creativity:

  • Innovating in the Atlassian Ecosystem: Push the boundaries of what's possible by extending or enhancing existing Atlassian Marketplace apps with features like Weavy's in-app chat, real-time updates, or file sharing. Craft a truly unique experience.
  • Blueprint for Innovation: Weavy's open-source UI and powerful API is your launchpad. Build groundbreaking new apps that bring fresh, time-saving solutions to the Atlassian ecosystem.
  • Supercharging Productivity: Break down barriers between Atlassian tools! Weavy's capabilities will help you connect workflows and improve information flow for a streamlined working environment.
  • Contextual Productivity Boosts: Embed Weavy's collaboration superpowers directly into the heart of Atlassian products. Provide real-time, in-context communication and tools to help teams work smarter.
  • Real-time Collaboration Suite: Unleash the full potential of Weavy to create a rich suite of real-time collaboration features, all seamlessly integrated within Atlassian products.
  • Portability/Continuous Collaboration: Demonstrate Weavy's versatility! Design a scenario in which Weavy's building blocks seamlessly weave communication and collaboration features between Atlassian products and external web applications.

Get inspired

Need a starting point? Check out these samples for Jira and Confluence to see the possibilities.

Join the innovation movement

It's time to Forge it! Form your team - or fly solo, your choice - explore the themes, dive into the discussion, and start building the next generation of collaborative Atlassian experiences.

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For trailblazers in the tech sphere to leverage the robust capabilities of Atlassian Forge and Weavy's building blocks.
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