Weavy v8.2 - Making history!

Apr 20, 2021


With this release we really are making history; we're introducing browser history to the client apps! What we really have done is added handling to history states when opening apps, navigating in apps, opening previews, etc. This enables users to get the correct state when using the back button or reloading the page.

To dig deeper into the history we also added a deep links plugin to the client that can enable sharable URLs that can link to a specific page or content in an app. If you already have deep link handling in your web app you can instead simply make use of the history event in the client to define the URLs to fit your needs. 


Get to know History & Deep Linking


We also brought back the maximize button, but in a new shape. This time as a plugin. This enables you to bring maximum functionality to any app panel This means that users may open a specific app in full browser size instead of having a size limited container. You can either enable a built-in maximize button or bind the maximize method to your own custom button.

// Built-in maximize button
var app ={
  key: "myfiles",
  type: "files"
  container: "#mycontainer"
  controls: {
    maximize: true


Read more about the Maximize plugin


On top of this, we have improved a lot under the hood to get a better experience when integrating into single-page apps in frameworks like Angular and React. More on how to get started with Weavy in these frameworks will be posted here soon.

In the meantime, get your new Weavy 8.2 at GitHub!


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