Performance that suits you

Scale up

Find the perfect balance of performance for your needs - scale up and down whenever you need.


For learning and experimenting


Free forever

  • Single environment
  • Invite your team
  • Up to 5 MEUs
  • Shared resources
  • Limited performance
  • Limited storage
  • Choose region
  • Usage analytics


For testing, prototyping, and solo projects



  • 0.2GB storage
  • Unlimited MEUs
  • No API throttling


For smaller production apps



  • 2GB storage
  • ≈0.5 vCPU


For normal production apps



  • 250GB storage
  • 2 vCPUs


For enterprise-level production apps



  • 1TB storage
  • 4 vCPUs
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Dedicated resources

Trusted by people who don’t have time to mess around


Risk free

We're darn happy to be rated 4.6 out of 5 on industry benchmarking site G2


Jim Brisimitzis

Founder @ 5G Open Innovation Lab

Thanks to Weavy, we were able to add new functions in the fraction compared to building it ourselves

Svetlozar Deskov

Full Stack Developer @ Klik2Learn Ltd

I like the versatility of their products - they are pretty flexible (with numerous features), especially with the ability to customize the functionality to your particular needs. The guys at Weavy are actively developing and fixing things, and they take feedback seriously into consideration.


Phil Reed

Operations @ NATO STO

We could easily add collaboration features to our platform without building it from scratch, with no prior experience at all building chats, etc. Further, the technical team's level of support is outstanding.

David Cole

CEO at Uhai

Their turnkey solution provided my company with a comprehensive set of tools that seamlessly integrated into our application. The ease of implementation was surprising – within a fraction of the time it would have taken to develop these features in-house.


Florian L


It's straightforward to implement and seamlessly integrates into our broker platform to facilitate customer communication. The customer support is top-notch—we consistently receive prompt and helpful responses.




The implementation was easy and straightforward, without complications, as we integrated it into our application.

Jonas Angleflod

Interim CTO @ Deployr AB

Easily integrated, adaptable to your own app and needs, and constantly updated with great new features. It's like having a separate product team for free.

Doug Schmidt

Founder and CEO @ Metaprise

Weavy provides a great set of community tools that are right out of the box. Their Feed system allows your network to share posts like Facebook and LinkedIn. It's what users and community members typically expect to see, and Weavy does a great job at making this system easily embeddable into your application.

Martin Bråkenhielm

CEO @ Bizpart

It’s the fact that we can add these features that are essential for our users without taking any resources away from our core product team – so we can deliver on our roadmap promises.

Chris Szymansky

CTO @ Fieldguide

We use Weavy primarily for document syncing with Excel and Word. We take advantage of the native sync capabilities so customers can open a Microsoft Word document, save it, and sync it back to our product.

Kasra Owji

CEO & Founder @ Appech Solutions

When we needed to integrate full chat functionality into a recent project, Weavy proved to be the ideal choice. It met all of our requirements and allowed us to quickly and easily provide our client with a seamless chat experience.

Jonathan Jr. Santos

Operations Director @ CliniSYS

Weavy is fantastic! We were able to deploy the chat tool in our system extremely quickly and easily. The API is very well designed and the people at Weavy are very approachable and very helpful.

Niels Østerby Jepsen

Partner @ Free Agents™

Simple integration into our developing environment and supported by solid onboarding service. So far, it is a powerful collaboration tool that we are still exploring.

Frequently asked questions


We've built it so you can easily set up testing, developing, staging, and production environments.

It's also great if you have more than one app to which you want to add Weavy - then you need one account for all your needs - with dedicated environments for each app.

Our Free tier is great for learning and experimenting - still with the full capacity of Weavy, including the pro version of all building blocks in a 30-day trial.

It's not recommended to use in production.

This tier is great for testing, prototyping, MVP, and more.

It's not recommended to use in production.

This is the most common environment used for production.

It works great for smaller production workloads.

This tier works with most production workloads with many concurrent users and has plenty of storage.

This is the environment for demanding workloads.

Premium gives you a dedicated environment, meaning you don't share any resources - it's all exclusively yours, guaranteeing performance.

You can choose where the app is running, and data is stored.

The regions you can choose from are the East US, West Europe, and Central India.

Track the usage of Weavy within your app per product (chat, feeds, and files) with metrics including users, MEUs, messages, posts, files, comments, etc.