Document collaboration in your app

Our document collaboration gives your users a better way to work together without confusion or friction.

Document Collaboration Features

Here's what makes it great

Multi-user functionality

Allowing multiple users to work within documents at the same time improves productivity and collaboration. No more passing the football.


Integrations with commonly used cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox means your users don't need any additional ramp-up.


"Last modified" indicators help users easily see when documents have been updated.

Change tracking

Through content management integrations, users can opt to track changes or view recent updates.

Why embedded document collaboration?

Help your users work better together

Collaboration is an inevitability - so why fight it. Giving your users even more capabilities for working together directly in your app encourages more collaboration, better productivity, and more effective use of your solutions. 

Limit roadblocks, frictions, and headaches

Document collaboration has become a fundamental part of working in teams, and the advent of cloud storage systems, CMS and other tools shows this. By providing this within your app, you remove the extra steps that can get in the way.

Promote better processes and functions

When documenting processes and staying organized becomes challenging, users tend to skip over them entirely. It feels good in the short term but can cause problems down the road. Better document collaboration can promote a stronger culture of process orientation.

Who benefits from using embedded Document Collaboration?


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