Document Collaboration API & SDK

Add in-app document collaboration and give your users a better way to work together without confusion or friction.


The world’s only turnkey SDK & API

Rapidly add in-app Document Collaboration to your app with our prebuilt UI. Our SDK & API is built to work for you with minimum effort and maximum effect.

<script src=""></script>


  var sub = "###";


  /* New Weavy instance with your JWT SUB */

  var weavy = new Weavy({ jwt: sub });


  /* This renders the file sharing in your app.

  Update container to your placeholder */{ key: sub }).app({

    key: "f",

    type: "files",

    container: "#files"



In-app Document Collaboration

Here's what makes it great

File centralization

Users can keep important cloud and local documents all in one place, easy to organize, and ready to use.

Security guaranteed

With enterprise grade security your users can rest assured that their sensitive documents are safe.

One-to-one sharing

Some files are too sensitive for every user to see. That's why In-app Chat makes attaching files simple, and without the file size limits of email.


Integrate Cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive. Users can share and preview files directly in your app.

Why In-app Document Collaboration?

Time is money

Where there are files, there's a chance for disorganization, and disorganization is bad for business. By giving your users a simple, integrated solution for document sharing, you can make your user happier and your app indispensable to their workflow.

Play nicely with others

Over 90% of businesses rely on Cloud storage solutions like Google Drive or Dropbox, so why replace the storage solutions your users already love when you can work with them? With Weavy, not only can your users store and share files in your app, but they can edit them too. 

Files are a way of life

More time spent in your app means less likelihood of customer churn. No matter what your users have to do for work, sooner or later they're going to have to work with files. When your app works with files, your app is great for work. This doesn't just create product stickiness, it creates product dependency.

Who benefits from using in app Document Collaboration?


There's a lot that goes into closing a deal. Make a seamless experience for your users by allowing them to share crucial documents in your CRM. See our solutions for CRMs


Help your users bring their documents closer to their data so they can complete the activities that move their businesses forward - faster and together. See our solutions for BI/Analytics

Other SaaS

B2B markets are cutthroat. In today's marketplace your app needs collaboration features to remain competitive. Stand out and provide excellent customer experiences all in one. See our solutions for SaaS

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