Activity Feeds

Add contextual activity feeds for conversation threads and sharing directly into your app.

Feeds Features

Here's what makes it great


We've all grown accustomed to newsfeeds as a quick and easy way to get and share information. Make it a fundamental part of your app.


Giving users the ability to tag fellow users in posts in feeds ensures there's less confusion, less waiting, more direct action.


With in-app notifications for updates in feeds and mentions in posts, your users won't miss a beat, keeping business moving.

Comment threads

Add comments on posts and keep the conversation rolling. By creating comment threads, users can be updating multiple posts in feeds, without confusion.


Users can create polls in feeds to capture consensus on important matters - or as a fun way to increase team interactions and bonding.


When users create posts, they can attach links, emojis, documents, and polls for more context and an elevated level of communication.

Why embedded Feeds?

It just makes more sense

From social media and news sites, to exercise apps, everyone is using feeds as a way to organize information - especially when coming from multiple sources. Using your app should be second nature to your users, which is why providing features they are already familiar with while simultaneously enhancing collaboration ability, is a no brainer. 

It's a way to stay organized

Whether you're building a CRM, a Business Intelligence platform, or another type of important B2B SaaS solution, you're striving to help your users work at their highest, most efficient, capacity. Features that help users stay organized with little effort go a long way in ensuring they are actually using your product and finding the whole value.

It's a vehicle for transparency

Sometimes organizations are so big, or so distributed, or so disorganized, it becomes easy for some employees to hide. Feeds can encourage users to have more transparency at work, and show in a tangible way which team members are contributing to conversations, and getting things done. It's a way to promote accountability - without being micro-manage-y.

See it in action

See in-app activity feeds embedded, stand-alone, and in a mobile and learn how to add it to your app.


The world’s only turnkey SDK & API

Rapidly add in-app Activity Feeds to your app with our prebuilt UI. Our SDK & API is built to work for you with minimum effort and maximum effect.

<script src=""></script>


  var sub = "###";


  /* New Weavy instance with your JWT SUB */ 

  var weavy = new Weavy({ jwt: sub });


  /* This renders the feed in your app.

  Update container to your placeholder */{ key: sub }).app({

    key: "a",

    type: "posts",

    container: "#feed"



Who benefits from using embedded Feeds?


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