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Increase product stickiness and reduce churn by bringing the essential chat features your users need directly into your app.

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Rapidly add in-app chat to your app with our prebuilt UI. Our Chat API & SDK is built to work for you with minimum effort and maximum effect.

<script src=""></script>


  var sub = "###";


  /* New Weavy instance with your JWT SUB */ 

  var weavy = new Weavy({ jwt: sub });


  /* This renders the feed in your app.

  Update container to your placeholder */{ key: sub }).app({

    key: "m",

    type: "messenger",

    container: "#messenger"



In-App Chat API & SDK

Here's what makes it great

Direct messaging

Give users the ability to privately chat one-on-one with colleagues, anytime, anywhere.

Group chat

Allow users to create important silos and leverage in-app chat rooms that include multiple team members.


With in-app notifications, your users will never miss a message or a mention, keeping business moving.

Stand-alone chat

Contextually embed chat functions directly into your app, or use chat as a white-labeled breakout function as a part of your service.

Chat attachments

Users can add images and documents with rich previews directly into chats for clearer communication, reference points, and more complete interactions.

Read receipts

Allow your users to see exactly when their message has been received and read, ensuring accountability and flow of information.

Video calls

Integrations to Microsoft Teams and Zoom to instantly start video calls from your conversations.

Drop-in UI

With our pre-built UI you can instantly add in-app chat to your app with just a few lines of code.

Why in-app chat?

Go to market faster with an easy-to-use chat API & SDK.

Supercharge product stickiness

Hybrid work is here to stay, and your users already rely on Chat to conduct vital business conversations. When you bring Chat into your app you can reduce friction for your users and increase engagement for your app. 

Save time, maximize productivity

Studies show that hours of productivity are lost each week to users switching between apps to accomplish different goals. When you add communication features you empower your users to talk about work where they do their work, saving precious time and money.

Be the app users are looking for

Your features make your app great. Our Chat API & SDK  gives you the tools to build the comprehensive, feature rich, collaboration-friendly productivity app that business users need. 

Who benefits from using in-app chat SDK & API?


CRMs are all about communication. Allow users to discuss leads, share vital files, and answer questions without navigating away. See our solutions for CRMs


The data is in the details. Let your users talk about important data points where they live so they can move their business forward - faster and together. See our solutions for BI/Analytics

Other SaaS

B2B markets are cutthroat. If you want your app to stand out from the crowd you need collaboration features. See our solutions for SaaS

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