In-app Chat. Completely Free.

Seriously. Your app needs Chat, and Weavy is here to help.

Welcome to collaboration

Modern apps need Chat

Crucial features can't be behind a paywall

In-app Chat has been transformed from a “nice to have” value add to an essential feature.

With hybrid workplaces becoming the norm, Chat is crucial to workplace collaboration.

Your app needs Chat to compete. We want you to have it for free.

Make your app more productive


Free Chat
Direct Messages
Group Chat
Video Call Integrations
Cloud Storage Integrations
Chat Features
Read Receipts
Typing Indicators
@ User Tagging
File Previews
Image Previews
Third Party Cloud File Sharing
Video Call Invitations
Local File Sharing
Cloud Storage Integrations
Google Drive
Drop Box
Microsoft OneDrive
Video Call Integrations
Zoom Calls
Microsoft Teams Calls
No Limits
Unlimited Messages
Unlimited MAU
Unlimited API Calls
Dedicated Server Support
No Overage Costs
Safety and Security

* For a complete list and description of our products check out our docs

a better way to work

Your app is the place for work

Companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Google are spending billions of dollars to make their apps more collaborative.

Productivity apps need collaboration features to stay competitive. In-app Chat is the place to start.

In-app Chat can:

  • Increase engagement
  • Reduce churn
  • Improve product stickiness

In-app Chat API & SDK

Easy integration

Low risk. Low Cost. Low Resources Required.

Weavy Chat is built to be easy to implement through the Weavy Server SDK and API.

With Weavy, you can have a fully functional Chat app deployed in a fraction of the time required to build from scratch.

plays nice with others

Zoom and Teams integration

Use the video call app your users already love.

Most Chat APIs have no way to integrate video calls into your app.

With Weavy, your users can send custom invites to Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings directly in their chat conversations.

Cloud Storage Integration

Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more.

Over 89% of companies worldwide use cloud storage solutions like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

That's why at Weavy, we think that trying to replace services like Drive or Dropbox is not only foolish, but bad for our customers. With Weavy, your users can securely send cloud files directly in their chat conversations.

Faster. More Secure.

Built for the lowest latency and the highest security standards.

Other Chat APIs rely on AWS to host their Chat features. But to get the best possible user experience you'll have to pay extra to use a server closer to yours. 

Weavy is designed to be deployed on the same environment as your app. That means:

  • The lowest possible latency
  • The best possible user experience
  • Security compliance that matches your app

Why we made Chat free

A message from Rickard Hansson, CEO

I won’t mince words trying to pay lip service to all the ways in which the global COVID-19 pandemic reshaped fundamental parts of our life. It rapidly hastened the transition to distributed and hybrid work models and product teams across the app landscape have scrambled to keep up with the changes and adjust their roadmap accordingly.

No matter the approach, the result has been the same industry wide: communication and collaboration features are becoming more and more enmeshed into apps.

"We didn’t see a vendor that was like the perfect fit until we found Weavy."

-Chris Szymansky, CTO, Fieldguide