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Chat & Messaging
Select a line in the table to open the contextual chat for the data.

Contextual chat

This is showing how to add a contextual group chat to any data point/object in your app.

Click around on the rows in the table and see how the chat updates and shows the contextual conversation.


This is a full-blown feature-complete messenger you can add to your app, enabling your users to do 1-1 or fire up group chats.

It has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a modern messenger, including typing indicators, emojis, reactions, and more.

Select a bar in the chart to see the contextual feed for the data.

Contextual feed

Feeds is great to use connected to a context, like in this demo a data point in a chart.

Click around on the bars to update the feeds, and so how you can collaborate using feeds around, in this case, a specific data point.

Social feeds

Addding social feeds to your intranet or dashboards is easy using our feeds component.

Add files to the folder to see the the built in previews, shift to grid view to see the thumbnails generated.

File previews

Adding wide file suppport with full preivews is a breeze with our files component.

Upload files, change from/to grid view, and see how the previews works.

Add files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive to the folder.

Google Drive files can even be previewed within your app, try it out.

Cloud integrations

We built integrations to all major cloud sharing servies, so you don't have to.

Add some stuff from your cloud, Goolge Drive even offers embedded previews.

Add some Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files to the folder.

To open them and do remote editing, simply click the on the file and open in app.

The file will update in real-time when you save.

To see the versions of the file, click the in the preview window.

Remote editing

You can do remote editing with Office 365 files - no download and upload - just edit, save, and done - including versions.

Let users collaborate with comments on your files.

Preview a file and click the in the top right corner to read and add comments.

You can do @mentions to pull in users or ask your AI to chime in.


Get people involved with your file with comments; @mentions, reactions, attachments, and more.

AI prompting

This is a feature-complete prompting clone that you can add to your app, enabling your users to start conversations with the AI, and revisit them later.

Choose from the different AI engines and play around.

Use @openai, @gemini, or @claude to trigger the AI.

Click on the icons to see how the AI can be involved in your conversations using chat, feeds, comments or messenger.

In Messenger you need to add the AI to the group conversation before you can @ it.

Using mentions with AI

You can instantly involve your AI in your conversations through @mentions - it will assess what you're talking about and chime in

Click on the icons to see how you can start a meeting in your conversations using the

Start instant meetings

With our built in integrations with Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and WebEx you can instantly start a meeting in the conversation.


Add straightforward, yet powerful comments, to your app for your users to collaborate.

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