Ready, set, deploy

Weavy lets you set up unlimited backend environments. Easily scale up and down with testing, development, staging, and production environments, all without a contract.

Get started with Weavy for free; forever - no credit card required.


We make it easy to slot our features into your CI/CD pipeline

Your Weavy account grants you access to unlimited environments to use however works best for you: staging? Testing? Production? A bonus for every other Sunday? Whatever you like.

API keys, product activations, analytics, and performance settings are all set at the per environment level, so you have the maximum flexibility to get things done that way your team wants to.

Unlimited environments
Scalable performance
API keys for each environment
Custom regions
Additional storage
Usage analytics
Environment health
Performance that suits you

Scale up

Find the perfect balance of performance for your needs - scale up and down whenever you need.


For developers exploring and trying out the full Weavy experience


/month per environment

  • Limited storage
  • Limited performance
  • Shared resources
  • Choose region
  • Usage analytics


For staging or smaller production loads


/month per environment

  • 2GB storage
  • ≈0.5 vCPU
  • No API-throttling


For normal production loads, handling spikes of activities without degraded performance


/month per environment

  • 250GB storage
  • 2 vCPUs


For enterprise level where performance and scale are key


/month per environment

  • 1TB storage
  • 4 vCPUs
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Dedicated resources

Frequently asked questions


We've built it so you can easily set up testing, developing, staging, and production environments.

It's also great if you have more than one app you want to add Weavy to - then you just need one account for all your needs - with dedicated environments for each app.

Our Free tier is great for testing and developing with a couple of active users.

It's not recommended to use in production.

This is the most common environment used for production.

It works great for smaller production workloads.

This tier works with most production workloads with many concurrent users and has plenty of storage.

This is the environment for demanding workloads.

Premium gives you a dedicated environment, meaning you don't share any resources - it's all exclusively yours, guaranteeing performance.

The regions you can choose from are US, EU, and India.

* This feature will be available in Q4 2023

Track the usage of Weavy within your app per product (chat, feeds, and files) with metrics including users, MEUs, messages, posts, files, comments, etc.