Feeds Features

Create an exceptional social experience

Weavy's Feeds API comes with software components and a complete development tools tech stack for your product team, and comprehensive functionality for your users

The new in-app Feeds essentials

All the activity feeds features your users want, plus more to delight them

News feeds

Create a communal space where users can post updates.

Object based feeds

All the functionality of feeds, tied to in-app objects.


With up to ten options, users can make decisions and find consensus.

Comment threads

Empower users to comment, reply, and converse on any post.


Give users the power to share files from the cloud or their computer.


Keep communities safe with best-in-class security.

User mentions
Image carousels
Media previews
URL previews
Cloud storage
Google Drive support
Dropbox support
OneDrive support
User profiles
Video meetings

Product team necessities

Everything a dev team needs for adding news feeds or object based feeds without extra technical debt or ongoing maintenance

Deploy in our cloud, and have a custom instance ready in minutes.

DevOps friendly

Easily set up staging, test, and production environments in our cloud.

Low code

Integrate our Feeds API with only a few lines of code.


Our backend system supports every server OS, cross-platform hosting, and Docker containers.

Responsive design

Feeds UI elements are designed to scale with your user's screen.

Open source

All UI kits are released open source under the MIT license.

Easy frontend styling

Make it your own

Our drop-in or pre-built kits make it easy to adapt Weavy's UI to your app

Whichever front end framework you use, our UI kits give you all the activity feeds components you need to quickly add our web API in the library you love.


By far, the fastest and easiest way to add files to your app - just include style and launch.

React UI kit

From a complete community experience to individual UI components, listing posts and more.

Mobile UI Kits

Coming soon.