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  • Unlimited posts & comments
  • Unlimited users
  • No cap on concurrent users
  • Threaded converstions
  • File sharing
  • Thumbs-up reaction type
  • UI Kits
  • Web API
Community support
  • GitHub
  • Discord
  • Stack Overflow


For the best user experience.


/MEU *

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All the benefits of Free, and:
  • Polls
  • URL Enrichment
  • File previews & thumbnails
  • Mentions
  • Configurable reaction types
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • OneDrive
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Webhooks
  • Prioritized ticket support
  • Live chat
Performance that suits you

Scale up

Find the perfect balance of performance for your needs - scale up and down whenever you need.


Great for development and testing.


/month per environment

  • Limited storage
  • Limited performance
  • Shared resources


Perfect for smaller production workloads.


/month per environment

  • 2GB storage
  • Choose region
  • Usage analytics


Versatile and well-suited for most production workloads.


/month per environment

  • 250GB storage
  • Choose region
  • Usage analytics


Enterprise level where performance and scale are key.


/month per environment

  • 1TB storage
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Dedicated resources
  • Choose region
  • Usage analytics

Run the Feeds API in your own infrastructure

No matter what you're using - AWS, Azure, on-premise - you can deploy Weavy in your own infrastructure for total control

This is the best choice for companies with high regulations and compliance demands, or those with the need for full data control.

Self-hosting has custom and flat pricing. Talk to us about how we can provide the best solution for your business.

Frequently asked questions

Weavy overview

It's a great set of building blocks for developers to add productivity features to any app in no time.

Weavy is designed to work with any app - web, mobile, desktop, etc. We have rich UI Kits repos for different frameworks - JavaScript, React, and more to speed up the development life cycle.

Weavy also has a rich Web API enabling you to have complete control.

Not automatically. You enable access to as many of your users as you like, or limit access to a subset of users.

They do not become active users and therefore counted towards your billing cycle calculation until they make an action; such as sending a message, uploading a file, etc. 


We think pricing should be fair and have a direct link between the price paid and the value received.

Therefore we use MEU - Monthly Engaged User - as our metric - which means we only measure actions; so what are actions?

  • Send a message in a chat
  • Post something in a feed
  • Upload a file
  • React to a message
  • Edit a document
  • Comment a file
  • ...

That's what we measure. 

If a user is reading a conversation, opening a file, or going through a threaded conversation - that user we DON'T count.

In every billing cycle, we automatically tabulate the total number of MEUs. This number resets at the beginning of each billing cycle, and every MEU is only counted once per billing cycle.

As a rule of thumb, usually, 20-25% of your user base will be MEUs in Weavy. So, for example, if you have 1000 users in your app - around 200-250 will be MEUs for $18-$22 a month.

Weavy is 100% usage-based pricing; you pay exactly for what you use. Unlike similar providers, there are no hidden fees for peak concurrent connections, nor are there any built-in soft or hard caps.

Free is designed to get you started with great new features in your app; with no limitations on the number of users, messages, posts, files, and more, you can truly build a great experience using our free plan.

Pro is designed to deliver the best-of-breed features for your users, along with dedicated support for your developers.

Yes! When you create an account, you will automatically be enrolled in a 30-day trial of the Pro subscription. 

During the trial, you can upgrade at any time; otherwise, you'll be reverted back to the Free subscription after 30 days.

With Free, you'll get our great community support through Discord, Stack Overflow, and GitHub.

With Pro, you'll have community support and ticketed prioritized support with access to live chat with our customer success team.


You'll be billed on the same day every month.

$0. You pay for your consumption at the end of the billing cycle.

No, don't do that! 😉

If you cancel your Pro subscription, it will revert back to the Free subscription at the end of your billing cycle. After that, Weavy will still work in your app, but with limited features.

If you cancel Weavy altogether, remember that the features you built-in will stop working at the end of the billing cycle.

Yes! We discount non-profit organizations and apply purchasing power parity (PPP) discounts when applicable.

Please talk to sales if you'd like to talk about this more.

No. Everything is paid through a credit- or debit card.


We want to simplify how Weavy is added to your DevOps CI/CD pipeline - and with environments, you can easily add development, testing, and production.

When you create your account with Weavy, you can create one environment for free - how you use it is entirely up to you - but the most common is for development and testing.

When you upgrade your product to Pro, you can have up to three parallel environments regardless of tier (Basic, Standard, or Premium).

Each environment has its own API URL, API keys, etc., and you can also decide for each environment what performance you need; Basic, Standard, or Premium tier.

Basic is your entry-level and a great place to start - suitable for testing and lighter workloads; not recommended for production.

You can scale up to Standard or Premium when you need more performance and storage, and they're both suitable for production.

Basic - Free

  • Limited storage
  • Limited performance

Standard - $299 / month & environment

  • 250GB storage
  • Custom Domain
Premium - $499 / month & environment
  • 1TB storage
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Dedicated environment
  • Custom Domain

With a Basic environment, your Web API URL looks something like this;

If you scale up an environment to Standard or Premium, you can set up your domain for the Web API. This is great for avoiding issues with CORS, etc. 

Performance tiers for environments are fixed price;

  • Basic - $0 / month & environment
  • Standard - $299 / month & environment
  • Premium - $499 / month & environment

You'll be charged pro-rata based on your billing cycle when you scale up an environment. If you cancel, you'll get a credit for unused days based on your billing cycle.

Charges and credits will be applied instantly.

No. Everything is paid through a credit- or debit card.


As one of a kind toolkit, you can self-host Weavy in your infrastructure.

You can host in AWS, Azure, etc., or your own custom cloud.

Self-hosting has custom and flat pricing; talk to sales to explore this option and your needs.