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Microsoft + Weavy =

We're joining forces launching a new program for all the hard-working entrepreneurs out there.

So you've built a QuickBooks killer, now what?

Well, we suggest teaming up with us and going for that kill!

With Weavy you're adding a Swiss Army knife of embedded collaboration features to your app: instant messaging, document collaboration, file sharing, task management, integrations, and more.

With Microsoft as a partner, select startups will receive access to the Microsoft tools and resources you need to grow your startup into the powerhouse we know it can be.

Psst... just so you know, QuickBooks has zero, zip, zilch, no collaboration capabilities as of today... just saying.

Another psst... you can add Weavy to anything. Not just accounting... it could be a CRM, ERP, BI, logistics tool or whatever you've built.

Microsoft and Weavy Team Collaboration


  • Less than 2 years old.
  • Privately held.
  • Less than $50,000 annual recurring revenue.
  • An awesome app.

You'll get

  • One year of eligibility.
  • Weavy Scale
  • Chance at all of Microsoft's testing and development software and Azure.
Jim Brisimitzis, Microsoft GM for Startups
The startup community can be a very competitive space. That's why a company like Weavy is so rare. Few companies are this devoted to helping other startups reach success. That's why it's such an honor to be partnering with them.

Jim Brisimitzis, GM for Startups @ Microsoft

Rickard Hansson, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework CEO and Founder
I've seen great success and epic failure on my journey as an entrepreneur. With Microsoft's help, I'm hoping that we're going to see so many more successes with the startups that join.

Rickard Hansson, CEO & Founder @ Weavy

Wait, wait... I have questions.

Give me more details, what am I actually getting?

From Weavy you'll get the fully loaded package we call Weavy Scale that's specifically designed for being white labeled into other apps. You'll also get hands on assistance from our dev team, the people who actually created Weavy from the ground up.

After review by the peeps @ Microsoft you'll get access to stuff like their development and test software, including Azure, Windows, Visual Studio, Office and SQL Server. Plus, enjoy access to hundreds of free training classes and technical content to help you on your journey.

I have tons of customers using my app, does Weavy scale?

Yes, it does and with security in mind. We have a ready to go framework to provision unique and siloed Weavy instances for each and every one of your customers.

Do you have a showcase, so I can see it in action?

Dynamics Connect is a great example to see our Drop-in UI in action, white labeled and completely embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Check it out

I want to play around and try it out. Do you have a sandbox?

Easiest way is just to sign up for Weavy in our cloud and you will instantly get your own setup to play around with and embed Weavy into your apps and sites.

If you want to build your own stuff and connect to our API, let us demo how to install Weavy on-premise.

Sign upRequest a demo

What's all this talk about Building Blocks?

Collaboration is not just one thing, it's a range of features and we call those Building Blocks. You can pick or choose which ones to add to your app.

Building Blocks included in Weavy: Instant Messaging, Task Management, Doucment Collaboration, File Sharing, Newsfeeds, Integrations to Office 365, Dropbox, and Windows File Shares.

You can also create your own Building Blocks. For example Meeting Notes, Wikis, ... basically anything.

Drop-in UI or build on my own? Clarify, please.

The Drop-in UI is ready from the get-go. With no additional development, you'll be able to embed a Swiss Army knife of collaboration features to your app with one simple script. You can still set your colors, logos, fonts, all that without additional programming. We did that for you. You're welcome.

To build your own means that if you want to be in full control, then your wish is our command. Whatever your app is built in: PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, .NET... it doesn't matter. You can use the Weavy API to add everything collaborative.

Check out our videos here to see the differences and how it works.