SaaS solutions were made to help business operations and processes become easier

Weavy in-app collaboration API and SDK can make these processes as painless as possible for your users

Efficiency and scalability are crucial parts of business growth

So your users should have solutions that make it easier to execute their most important tasks

The SaaS industry has exploded as more businesses rely on multiple applications for going farther, faster. But not every company is getting it right. When it comes to creating true SaaS solutions, there are a few simple truths we keep in mind:

You aren't just in the business of providing a product, you are also providing services

You need to achieve a balance between comprehensive features and ease of use

You know your specific users and industry, but not necessarily collaboration

The more your users can do inside your app...

The greater the value they'll feel they're getting. That's a no brainer.

With competition fierce, SaaS companies need to differentiate themselves - and one of the best ways is through more capabilities and better customer experiences. Adding collaboration features like chat, threaded conversations, and document collaboration to your software increases productivity, plus:

You increase user satisfaction and motivate long-term loyalty

You reduce the number of different applications your users need and work in

It doesn’t take any of your own valuable resources to develop and create new

This is how you do it:

Document Collaboration

Collaboration isn't just the future of work - it's here now. Give your users better ways to work together, faster with real time change/version tracking and CMS integrations.

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In-App Chat

Your users need to be able to ask their team members questions and get answers immediately. With in-app embedded chat functions, they can contextually do both.

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The FOMO is real. With posts, comments, and notification updates, you can help your users make sure they never miss a thing that's going on right inside your app.

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