Comments Features

Discussions in your app seamlessly

Weavy's Comments API comes with complete developer tools for your framework or platform and all the functionality your users expect

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The in-app discussions essentials

All the comments features your users want, plus some

User mentions

Pull people into the discussions in real-time


Use ChatGPT or Gemini and include chatbots in the discussions.


Give users the power to share files from the cloud or their computer.


Add files from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box.


With up to ten options, users can make decisions and find consensus.


Instantly initiate meetings through Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Image carousels
Media previews
URL enrichments

Developer tools for everyone

Everything you need to build, test, stage, and go to production

Account dashboard

Full overview of your environments, usage, API keys, and more in one place.

DevOps friendly

Easily set up stage, test, and production environments - weave it into your pipeline.

Low code

Integrate our Feeds API with only a few lines of code.


Developer resources designed specifically for a wide range of platforms.

Responsive design

Feeds UI elements are designed to scale with your user's screen.

Open source

Our UIKit is released as open source under the MIT license.

Easy frontend styling

Make it your own

Our pre-built UI for various frontend frameworks let you put the you in UI

Whether you're a Javascript jockey or write in React, our UI kits give you all the feed components you need to quickly add our API in the library you love.