Beyond the Hello World App

Building with Atlassian Forge

Feb 13, 2024

Beyond the Hello World App: Building with Atlassian Forge

When developers embark on a new platform, the "Hello World" app is the customary first step—an initiation that introduces the basics in a simple, understandable way. However, the real journey begins when moving beyond this initial step, especially with a platform as powerful and flexible as Atlassian Forge. In this blog post, we'll explore the path from the basic "Hello World" to creating more sophisticated applications within the Atlassian ecosystem using Forge, focusing on leveraging Weavy's building blocks: Chat, Feeds, and Files.

Introduction to Atlassian Forge

Atlassian Forge is a cloud development platform designed to streamline the creation of apps for Atlassian products, such as Jira and Confluence. It provides developers with the tools and resources needed to build secure, reliable, and scalable applications without the hassle of managing infrastructure. With Forge, developers can focus on what they do best: creating features that enhance productivity and collaboration or teams worldwide.

Moving beyond Hello World with Weavy's Building Blocks

After getting your feet wet with a "Hello World" app, it's time to dive deeper into what makes Forge a robust platform for app development, particularly through the integration of Weavy's building blocks: Chat, Feeds, and Files. These components can significantly enhance the functionality and user engagement of your Forge applications.

Leverage Chat for real-time communication

Integrating Weavy's Chat into your Forge app can transform how users communicate within Atlassian products. This feature allows for real-time messaging, enabling users to collaborate more effectively. Whether it's discussing a specific Jira issue or brainstorming ideas in Confluence, adding a Chat component can elevate the user experience to new heights.

  • Implement custom chat rooms: Tailor chat rooms to specific projects, topics, or teams.
  • Enhance collaboration: Allow users to share files, links, and more directly within chat conversations, including integration with Microsoft Teams and Zoom for instant video meetings.
Create contextual dynamic feeds for updates and notifications

Feeds is a powerful way to inform users about updates, changes, or new content. By incorporating Weavy's Feeds into your Forge app, you can create a central hub for notifications and updates that users can interact with directly within their Atlassian environment.

  • Aggregate updates: Combine notifications from various sources into a single, cohesive feed.
  • Encourage engagement: Enable users to comment, like, and share updates, fostering a community atmosphere.
Integrate seamless file sharing and document collaboration

The Files component from Weavy allows for the seamless sharing and management of documents directly within your Forge app, with integrations to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box. This integration can significantly improve workflows related to document handling in Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian tools.

  • Centralize document access: Make it easy for users to find, share, and collaborate on documents without leaving the Atlassian environment.
  • Enhance productivity: Streamline processes by allowing direct uploads, downloads, and in-app previews of documents.

Best Practices for Building with Forge and Weavy

As you explore the possibilities with Weavy's building blocks within Forge, remember these best practices to ensure your applications are effective, efficient, and user-friendly:

  • User-Centric Design: Always consider the end-user experience when integrating Chat, Feeds, and Files. Ensure these components enhance, rather than complicate, the user journey.
  • Security and Privacy: Adhere to best practices for app security and data privacy, especially when handling real-time communications and document management.
  • Community and Resources: Engage with both the Atlassian and Weavy developer communities for support, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities.
  • Iterative Development: Start with a minimal viable product (MVP) and expand functionality based on user feedback and testing, ensuring a product that truly meets user needs.


Building sophisticated applications in Atlassian Forge with Weavy's building blocks opens up a new realm of possibilities for enhancing collaboration and productivity within Atlassian products.

By moving beyond the "Hello World" app, you can create powerful, integrated solutions that leverage real-time communication, dynamic updates, and seamless document management to address complex workflows and improve team collaboration. Embrace the journey, and let your creativity and technical skills guide you in developing impactful Atlassian apps.

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