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Elevate your internal Retool apps with Weavy

Mar 18, 2024

Building efficient internal applications often involves more than just data dashboards and workflows. Real-time collaboration, communication, and seamless information sharing are crucial for modern teams. This is where Retool and Weavy together create a truly powerful solution.

What is Weavy?

Weavy is a developer tool that provides pre-built "building blocks" for collaboration and communication within web apps. These building blocks include features like:

  • Real-time Chat: Contextual conversations directly integrated into your interfaces.
  • Feeds: Activity streams for updates, notifications, and discussions.
  • File Sharing: Upload and share resources within your application.
  • and more...

Why integrate Weavy with your Retool apps

  1. Contextual collaboration at your fingertips: Weavy's chat and feeds can be embedded directly where they're needed within your Retool apps. Discuss customer support issues right next to the relevant CRM data, annotate dashboard charts with insights, or get real-time feedback on workflows in progress.

  2. Frictionless communication: No more switching between tools. Weavy keeps communication within the context of your work, reducing the need for external messaging apps and minimizing distractions.

  3. Time savings with pre-built functionality: Just like Retool speeds up your app's visual development, Weavy accelerates the implementation of collaboration features. Instead of building chat systems, notification logic, and file-sharing solutions from scratch, you get robust, production-ready building blocks.

  4. Data-driven discussions: Weavy integrates with your data sources. Users can reference specific data points, link back to database entries, or pull in analytics visualizations directly within their conversations, promoting clearer, more informed decision-making.

  5. Enhanced user experience: A streamlined, modern user interface that includes communication tools fosters more productive workflows and helps teams feel connected, even when working remotely.

Weavy + Retool: The power combo

Retool handles the rapid development of your app's core structure and data connectivity. Weavy layers on top, adding the essential social interactions that turn your internal apps into truly collaborative workspaces.

Get Weaving!

Weavy, like Retool, offers free plans to explore its functionalities. Their excellent integration examples and tutorials make embedding Weavy building blocks into your Retool creations a breeze.

A new paradigm of rapid development, seamless integration, and collaborative internal applications that drive business efficiency.

Unlock the potential of your internal tools

If siloed data and slow communication hinder your organization, consider the Retool and Weavy advantage. Together, they enable a new paradigm of rapid development, seamless integration, and collaborative internal applications that drive business efficiency.

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