Enabling Collaboration and Innovation

Combining Weavy and Atlassian Forge

Feb 13, 2024

Enabling Collaboration and Innovation: Combining Weavy and Atlassian Forge

Atlassian Forge is designed for a wide range of users within the software development and collaboration ecosystem, aiming to cater to the diverse needs of developers, businesses, and teams who use Atlassian's suite of products. The integration of Weavy's collaborative features—such as chat, feeds, and file sharing—into Forge applications further amplifies the platform's utility, making it an even more powerful tool for enhancing team collaboration and productivity. Here's a closer look at who can benefit from the synergies of Weavy and Atlassian Forge:

Developers and Development Teams

  • App Developers: Individuals or teams looking to build new applications or extend existing ones within the Atlassian ecosystem can significantly benefit from combining Forge with Weavy. This integration allows for the creation of apps that not only leverage the scalability and security of Forge but also include Weavy's real-time collaboration tools, enhancing user engagement and teamwork.
  • Integrators: Developers tasked with integrating Atlassian products with third-party services or custom internal tools can use Forge and Weavy together to create seamless integrations that include advanced collaborative features, improving workflows and communication within teams.

Atlassian Marketplace Vendors

  • Existing Vendors: Companies and independent developers already offering apps on the Atlassian Marketplace can use Forge and Weavy to develop new offerings or migrate existing apps, incorporating advanced collaboration features that drive user adoption and satisfaction.
  • New Vendors: New entrants to the Atlassian ecosystem looking to create and sell apps can find a unique value proposition by leveraging both Forge and Weavy, offering solutions that are not only powerful and secure but also foster collaboration and productivity.

Enterprises and Businesses

  • Enterprise Teams: Internal development teams within larger organizations that use Atlassian products extensively can benefit from the combined power of Forge and Weavy by building custom solutions that address specific business needs while promoting real-time collaboration and information sharing.
  • Innovation Leaders: Business and technology leaders seeking to enhance their team's productivity and collaboration capabilities will find the integration of Forge and Weavy particularly compelling. Custom solutions can automate workflows, improve data visibility, foster collaboration, and ultimately drive innovation.

IT and System Administrators

  • Atlassian Administrators: Those managing and customizing Atlassian environments can leverage Forge and Weavy to streamline administrative tasks, enhance platform security, and improve overall system efficiency with collaborative features that are easy to implement and manage.
  • System Integrators and Consultants: Professionals advising businesses on optimizing their use of Atlassian products can offer more comprehensive solutions by incorporating Weavy's collaborative features into Forge-based applications, addressing specific challenges and operational needs more effectively.

End Users of Atlassian Products

While not directly building with Forge, end users of Atlassian Ecosystem products significantly benefit from the applications and integrations created with Forge and Weavy. These solutions enhance the functionality of Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian tools, directly impacting productivity and collaboration with features that facilitate real-time communication and seamless document sharing.


The combination of Atlassian Forge and Weavy is for anyone in the Atlassian ecosystem looking to build, extend, or integrate applications with enhanced collaborative features. This powerful synergy provides the tools and resources needed to create applications that not only leverage the security and scalability of Forge but also incorporate Weavy's collaborative tools, transforming the way teams work together and innovate. Whether you're a developer, marketplace vendor, enterprise, or IT administrator, integrating Weavy with Forge offers a unique opportunity to develop applications that are both powerful and collaboration-centric, driving productivity and innovation within the Atlassian ecosystem.

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