Striking Balance 2022

with Weavy & Wijmo

START DATE: Jun 23, 2022


END DATE: Sep 30, 2022


END DATE: Oct 18, 2022



What is this hackathon about?

Weavy has partnered up with Wijmo for a spectacular event with unlimited possibilities. This time around we're opening up for more creativity than ever before. Use Wijmo to showcase to the world what you think needs attention and collaborate on the solutions using Weavy.


Using simple systems thinking methodology we ask you to create something inspirational and help make a change where a change is needed! Put simply, systems thinking means that you look at parts as they make up a whole - in this case, how can you combine several issues, sources, and software to create a toolkit that solves those issues?

How do I join?

Registering an account

Press SignUp and follow the steps to register you and/or your team!


Multiple events

When you are registered, you can participate in multiple events using the same account.

How do you strike balance?

Start by registering and account and then sign up...
Pick a topic (or many), we'll get you started with some with some ideas for topics, and by visualizing that data collaboratively using Weavy and Wijmo, you show us how you would approach solving for your chosen topics. On our topics page you'll find a few examples of topics to explore.

Phase 01: Ideation phase
23 June 2022 - 16 September 2022
Select your topics & submit your idea. All shortlisted ideas will move on to the prototype phase.

Phase 02: Prototype phase
17 September 2022 - 7 October 2022
Build your idea! Elevate your topics by vizuialising via Wijmo & add realtime collaboration using Weavy. The top 10 submissions will be invited to the finals!

Phase 03: Grand finale
15 October 2022
Teams pitch their project to an expert jury panel in a livestreamed event.
Winner are announced directly!