Collaboration Hack

" It is a challenge designed to inspire the creative and dynamic minds and to put their skills to test, thereby identifying and rewarding the tech & non-tech wizards. "


“Weavy Collaboration Hack”, invited the techies, developers, students and start-ups to come up with exciting, innovative, novel and viable solutions using the Weavy framework.

The Weavy Collaboration Hackathon

Our first hackathon run during Aug 31st to Oct 22 2020.

We saw a big variety of innovative ideas as well as prototypes, submitted from many corners of our world.

One of the most truly inspiring insights from this hackathon was the massive response to try to ease or resolve the then, emerging Covid19 crisis. For us at Weavy this was also a very good test of the bandwidth of our SDK's, showing that Weavy can be implemented in so many different ways, all adding value to the service they have been implemented into.

The Weavy collaboration hackathon 2020 saw an attendance of 542 registered developers and was a cooperation between HackerEarth & Weavy.

If you want to get in touch with us at Weavy or with many of the previous hackathon attendes -  you can find us hanging out in our community forum.