Unleashing no-code innovation: Weavy & Noodl MRWW23 Hackathon

Aug 1, 2023

Make Remote Work Work

The world of work has been transformed beyond all recognition over the last few years. The pivot to remote working has required both individuals and organizations to reimagine their work practices. This transition, while challenging, has also brought forward an exciting era of innovation, as demonstrated by the recent Weavy & Noodl MRWW23 Hackathon.

"Make Remote Work, Work" hackathon set the stage for a vibrant, virtual competition that put a spotlight on technological ingenuity, propelling tech enthusiasts to address the ongoing challenges in remote work. Spanning over an eventful period from April 14th to June 3rd, 2023, the hackathon really showcased the modern strength of Low and No-code applications.

The hackathon welcomed a broad array of thematic areas for participants to dive into. Whether it was "The Space" for those inclined towards graphical solutions, or "The Meeting Room" for those with a passion for collaboration tools; from "The Game Room" that encapsulated the fun element of gamification, to "The Library" for the learning-centric ideas; from "The Whiteboard" that offered a canvas for planning tools, to "Go Wild", an open innovation category where there were no bounds to imagination.

As we look closer into the top three winners of the MRWW23 Hackathon, we celebrate not just the winning ideas but the spirit of innovation that has the potential to redefine the way we work. Focus, because the next section is about to get really interesting!

First place champions of innovation: Växjö Vikings

After a whirlwind of creativity and innovation at the "Make Remote Work, Work" hackathon, the champions have emerged: Team Växjö Vikings.

Comprising Frank Wagenaar, Bob Harder, Viktor Berggren, and Sara Zaderfeldt, the team won the competition with their groundbreaking tool, WorkLife.


WorkLife exemplifies innovation in remote work, providing customizable virtual workspaces that bolster productivity and well-being. With seamless collaboration tools and innovative virtual meeting spaces, the platform bridges the physical-remote gap, making work feel more intuitive and engaging.

The platform's gamification aspect motivates employees with achievements, points, and virtual items, creating healthy competition and a sense of accomplishment. Importantly, WorkLife fosters a supportive remote work community, enhancing connection among workers.

Capturing the hackathon's spirit with its innovation and gamification, WorkLife is a true game-changer. Congratulations to Team Växjö Vikings, paving the way for the future of remote work!

Second Place: Gamers unite

Navigating the stimulating realm of the MRWW23 Hackathon, the second-place prize has been clinched by a standout team, Gamers. The sole team member, Tarun Chelumall, manifested the team's name through their innovative tool, Gamer Pal.


Gamer Pal astounds by demonstrating an amalgamation of innovation, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of the gaming community. Drawing from their personal affinity for gaming, the team identified the challenge of locating reliable teammates in the gaming world, challenging conventional workspace concepts.


The platform they created cleverly connects gamers based on skill and play style, successfully tackling the identified challenge. Their technical prowess shone through in integrating with gaming platforms, fetching user data, and establishing a sophisticated matchmaking system.


Beyond its core functionality, Gamer Pal doubles as a social networking platform, fostering a powerful sense of community among gamers. It was the team's unyielding dedication, resilience, and passion that ultimately clinched their success and established them as a burgeoning force in the tech and gaming sphere. Congratulations, Gamers, for securing your well-deserved spot in the hackathon podium!


Third Place: CodeZilla pioneers immersive workspaces

Stepping onto the podium in third place at the MRWW23 Hackathon is Team CodeZilla. Consisting of Akshay V Anil, Ajay Nair, Akshaymon K V, and Hari Sree S A, the team showcased an outstanding remote work solution named Cozy.


Cozy is a testament to creativity, innovation, and a forward-thinking vision, earning CodeZilla an impressive spot in the competition. What sets Cozy apart is its bold plan to integrate virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), smart virtual assistants, and 3D workstations with avatars.


By leveraging these immersive technologies, Cozy aims to bridge the divide between physical and virtual work environments, pushing the boundaries of collaboration and productivity. Its incorporation of smart virtual assistants aids in streamlining tasks, personalizing the remote work experience, and the utilization of 3D workstations and avatars generates a sense of presence, adding a layer of gamification to productivity.


CodeZilla's unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and their foresight in anticipating future needs make Cozy a promising solution in the realm of remote work. Congratulations to Team CodeZilla for their well-earned position in the hackathon standings!


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants and partners of the MRWW23 Hackathon. Each one of you has contributed to this successful event and the evolution of remote work solutions.


Hackathons serve as accelerators of product ecosystems, forging ahead with innovative solutions, agility, and speed. I look forward to our next event, confident it will spur even more groundbreaking ideas. To all future innovators and partners, thank you, and see you at the next round!


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