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Third place in the Build Tomorrow Hackathon 2021

Team: Medbay
Members: Jayit Saha & Ishita Dasgupta

Jury motivation:
"Your Project Medbay looks like a complete production ready application. With every detail in mind, the project takes the best advantage of Weavy features and there are a lot of interesting implementations of the medical field."

The solution


The global COVID-19 pandemic has introduced massive changes in both need and availability of telemedicine and telehealth services. Physicians have increased their use of telemedicine to care for individuals and populations who have difficulty accessing care because of geography, lack of available trained practitioners, or health limitations. If we can provide an application which would help in handling mental fitness, heart-rate monitoring and also a smart chatbot to be aware of symptoms and diseases and doctors needed to consult, then it would be highly beneficiary to the generation especially in this pandemic world. The motivation behind this idea was driven by wellness for the entire society in these times. People fret about their pulse or heartrate considering as a symptom for COVID, they suffer from anxiety or depression. They are unaware or worried about what symptoms would prompt what disease and which doctor to consult. Also a medical platform to order medicines online through a voice based chatbot would benefit the older generation as well. Hence, our application MEDBAY comes to the rescue providing a one stop for all.


Weavy Django RASA NLU HTML, CSS, JavaScript Machine Learning Algorithms Random Forest, Naïve Bayes Classifier Deep Learning Posture Detection Algorithms FFT and Band filtering techniques NLP Sentiment Analysis Model GTTS module, STRIPE, celery, Google Geolocation Python ML,DL libraries Bootstrap, Ajax, jQuery etc.

Major Features

Dashboard for Patient and Doctor with Weavy Tasks, Files, Recent Activities and Chat

Patient Dashboard containing analytics of total test prices, patient visits, visit reviews, recovery rates and graphical analytics based on medical test expenses, visits and recovery ratio.

Doctor Dashboard containing counts and percentages for total income, total patients, reviews, growth and graphical analytics of income, patients and satisfaction ratio.

Both dashboard contains Weavy based Task Manager where tasks can be added, updated, starred or deleted.

Dashboards containing recent activity sections linked across all users!

File Section integrated for both patient and doctor dashboard using Weavy file service - enabling to create or attach files essential to upcoming visits or treatments.

Real time chat section integrated for user-friendly and easy doctor patient communication.

Microsoft teams in-app video conferencing section integrated into the chat portal to enable setup virtual visits or checkups from within the app itself.


In our application we have a workout planner that gives you a set of exercises, shows you how to do them and then checks if you are doing them correctly. Our posture detection system will check if you are doing correctly and when the set count gets over, it moves on to the next exercise.

Our application has an unique heart rate monitoring system, which is a non-contact based system to measure Heart Rate using real-time application using camera. Heart Rate (HR) is one of the most important Physiological parameter and a vital indicator of people‘s physiological state. The main principle is to extract heart rate information from facial skin color variation caused by blood circulation to monitor the user’s‘ physiological state Detect face, align and get ROI using facial landmarks Apply band pass filter with fl = 0.8 Hz and fh = 3 Hz, which are 48 and 180 bpm respectively Average color value of ROI in each frame is calculate pushed to a data buffer which is 150 in length FFT the data buffer. The highest peak is Heart rate Amplify color to make the color variation visible


There is a diet planner in our application, which helps our end-users get a customized diet plan for them. There are two part, one which takes in basic user details for profile building, which later will be utilized to connect other users with the similar likes and disliked and they can share their weekly diet plans and commencements. The second part takes in all important metrics like the person’s favorite food, diet, cuisines, nutrients he/she wants their diet to be comprised of, and also about any past medical history or diseases they suffer from. All these inputs are fed into our ML model which accurately forms a diet planner for the user, listing out all the meals with their nutrient value and ratings to the user. Using celery running in the background, the diet planner refreshed weekly giving a diversified option to the users.


In these difficult times, mental as well as physical health need to be looked into. Hence, our application is at the service with a yoga monitoring system, where multiplayers can join and share their video and audio. A particular yoga posture would be displayed to the users at a time, and the users have to do yoga as displayed in the posture. Our posture detection system would run in the background for each user and score them real-time based on their accurate performance, and finally declare a winner in the end. Thus physical health is monitored as well mental health is maintained by social connection in this unique effort.


In today’s pandemic situation, when everyone is at home, mental health has become an even more important thing to focus on. That is why our application comes with a depression chatbot which serves as the patient’s listener in these time of crisis. And using our NLP Sentiment analysis models trained in the backend on TensorFlow, it supports and cheers the person up person based on all the conditions they have mentioned. It suggests some appropriate quotes about life, love and family. It also suggests some songs that can uplift user moods and help get over the hard times. Hence, it reduces the mental stress or worry a person goes through especially on low days.


In today’s pandemic situation, when everyone is at home, physical health has also become an important aspect to focus on. Thus our workout planner comes with a posture detector where certain exercise poses are taught to the user, and they have to try their best to attain that pose. There is a unique timer attached with each pose maintaining the exercise duration which has to be completed before going to the next exercise. There is also a scoring system based on the posture detection system running in real-time in the background.


The application comes with a chatbot MEDBOT, which serves as the patient’s listener in these time of crisis. Any person can chat with our chatbot describing about their current state of body and what they are suffering from, mental or physical. Our chatbot comes to their assist, asks them counter questions about their exact symptoms or feelings they are undergoing. And using ML and NLP models trained in the backend, it predicts the disease for the person based on all the symptoms they have mentioned. Our chatbot also predicts type of doctor to consult for the disease. Hence, it reduces the hassle or worry a person goes through while thinking about which hospital or which doctor to consult for his symptoms.


There is often a variety of prices for medical tests offered by different hospitals. People are confused and do not get a clear comparison statistic of the medical tests. Hence, MEDBAY has a unique section in the patient portal where users can search for their desired medical test. It would enlist all the hospitals where the tests are available and lists them in increasing order of price. Thus, users can get a clearer insight.


has a linked up pharmacy store where, allopathy, homeopathy as well as ayurvedic medicines are available and any user can buy from. It has integrated STRIPE payment gateway for smooth checkout. It has home delivery system which would really help the older generation. It connects medicine from local pharmacy stores based on geolocation, hence reducing the delivery price to minimum.



Future Plans

Integrating different languages into our chatbots to provide even a better user experience and adding all our ideated modules to the main application. Adding a IoT device like Fitbit to our heart rate monitoring system application Provide a detailed yoga plan recommendation Adding customer feedback portal in the e-test comparison application

You can actually interact directly with MedBay on our community forum.

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