Launch of Weavy + Atlassian Developer Resources

Elevate Your App Game

Feb 13, 2024

Launch of Weavy + Atlassian Developer Resources: Elevate Your App Game

Introducing our Developer Resources for Atlassian Forge, specifically tailored for Confluence and Jira.

This developer resource is designed for developers eager to build standout, secure apps quickly and efficiently. Whether you're an individual developer turning your vision into a thriving business or part of a team pushing the boundaries of app functionality, this is your key to unlocking new possibilities.

Stand out with your creation

Leverage Weavy + Atlassian Forge to bring something unique to the Atlassian Marketplace. Our developer resources give you the advanced tools needed to transform innovative ideas into reality, setting your app apart.

Boost productivity

Apps help teams get work done by extending and customizing Atlassian products; with Weavy you can do that on steroids. Adding our building blocks will make you and your team even more productive in your Atlassian products.

Dive into our Building Blocks

Discover the power of our building blocks. Experiment with them, try out our demos, and experience firsthand how they can boost your development work within the Atlassian ecosystem.

Witness it in action

See what the integration magic looks like. Our gallery shows how to embed these building blocks into Confluence and Jira, enhancing your app's functionality and user experience.

Detailed tutorials

We have step-by-step tutorials on how quickly to get started with Weavy and Confluence or Jira, including complete end-to-end samples where it integrates with SSO, getting the context, and more.

This is not just some developer resources — it's an actual launchpad for developers within the Atlassian ecosystem to innovate, excel, and create apps that truly make a difference.

Why are we doing this?

It's a part of our vision for ecosystem-centric Building Blocks that work across platforms from No-code, Low-code, PaaS, and full-stack - you can read our announcement here.

There's more

Regardless if you a creator publishing on the Atlassian Marketplace, or you're extending your Atlassian products internally - Weavy works for you;

Custom apps and integrations for Atlassian with Weavy

Build the extra functionality you need to get the most out of your Atlassian products.
Get started

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