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The embedded messaging and collaboration features your users need, nothing they don’t

With functions like in-app file sharing, messaging, and real-time document collaboration, your users never need to leave your app to work together with their team. Pretty awesome right?

The features that make it all possible

Our white-label framework can be up and running with significantly less time and effort than it takes to build new features in-house. This means your users get the functions they want and need ASAP.

Instant Messaging

One-to-one and group chat functions. Use contextually within your platform or as a stand-alone messaging function.

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Secure File Sharing

Share files in a feed, aggregated in one place for teams, or directly with individuals and groups through messaging.

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See conversations and activities as posts and file updates in chronological order. Add comments and start threads within each feed.

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Create your own to-dos or assign tasks to others. See when there are upcoming action items or activities that have been completed.

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Document Collaboration

Work together within the same documents and watch as they are updated in real-time. Integrate with document storage solutions.

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