Increase Engagement, improve in-app retention

Give your users the embedded chat and collaboration features they need

When you bring features like in-app activity feeds, chat, and real-time document collaboration to your app, your users never need to leave your app to work together with their team. Pretty awesome, right?


Chat API & SDK

Direct messaging and group chats directly in your app, with support for sharing Cloud Files and Video Calls.


Activity Feeds API & SDK

Enable true contextual collaboration by adding feeds to any element of your app. Add comments and start threads within each feed.


Document Collaboration API & SDK

All your users' local and Cloud storage files, available in one central location with file previews and text editing.

Integrate to all leading file sharing services

Instantly add the capability for your users to add and share files from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Enable your users to do video calls directly in your app

Let your users start, join, and view recordings of meetings directly from within your app.

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