Integrations make sticky products

Give more value to your users

Weavy makes your app work better by letting you integrate industry-leading services right into your app.

Connect your app, connect your users

Your app is the place for work. Bring all services to your users, save them time and avoid context-switching.

No context switching

Enable all your users favorite services in your app and avoid context switching - keep them in your app.


With minimum effort you'll add Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom to your app.


All integrations enabled across all our features: activity feeds, in-app chat, comments, and secure file sharing.

File sharing

Integrate to all leading file sharing services.

Instantly add the capability for your users to add and share files from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Your users can create folders and mix files from all services, share files in posts, send files through chat, and more.

Retain your users

Keep your users eyeballs in your app by bringing all services into your app.

Consolidate and share

Enable your users to add and share files from all services directly in your app.

Try and instantly embed

Use our Drop-in UI to instantly add file sharing with integrations to Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive in your app.

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Enable your users to do video calls directly in your app

With Weavy you can easily add integrations to Zoom and Microsoft Teams. 

Let your users start, join, and view recordings of meetings directly from within your app.

Start and host

Start, host, and join meetings with one click in your app.

Recorded meetings

Enable you users to directly access recordings of their meetings in your app.

Take it for a spin

Try video calls in our instant messaging and see how easy it is to add to your app.

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With Weavy your users never need to leave your app to work together.

In-app Chat

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