File Sharing

Powerful secure file sharing embedded into your app - fundamentally changing the way your users organize and collaborate

Secure File Sharing Features

Here's what makes it great

File centralization

Users can keep important documents all in one place, easily organized, ready to use.

Security guaranteed

Your users need to know their important documents are safe with you. We got your back.

One-to-one sharing

Sometimes users do need to pass the football directly. In-app chat file attachment capabilities make it simple.


Integrate document storage solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive, directly into your app.

Why embedded Secure File Sharing?

Time is money

Disorganization is one of the main downfalls of productivity, and where there are files, there's a chance for disorganization. By giving your users a simple, integrated solution for document sharing, you can greatly reduce the time required for teams collaborating in and around your app - and that is worth a lot.

Integrations are crucial

Users want to see how their systems can work seamlessly together. Chances are, if there needs to be a total system overhaul, they're not going to buy-in. By integrating with storage systems they are likely already using, you remove the frictions that could deter them from using your app.

Files are a way of life

As tedious as it can be, using spreadsheets, reports, word docs, and all the other types of files is a necessary part of business. There's really no way around it. Providing a way for your users to make the necessary evils of work a bit more bearable can go a long way in their overall satisfaction with your app. 

See it in action

See in-app secure file sharing embedded, stand-alone, and in a mobile and learn how to add it to your app.


The world’s only turnkey SDK & API

Rapidly add in-app Secure File Sharing to your app with our prebuilt UI. Our SDK & API is built to work for you with minimum effort and maximum effect.

<script src=""></script>


  var sub = "###";


  /* New Weavy instance with your JWT SUB */

  var weavy = new Weavy({ jwt: sub });


  /* This renders the file sharing in your app.

  Update container to your placeholder */{ key: sub }).app({

    key: "f",

    type: "files",

    container: "#files"



Who benefits from using embedded Secure File Sharing?


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