Embed task delegation and to-dos into your app

Weavy tasks gives your app a greater element of productivity, with a project management feel

Tasks Features

Here's what makes it great

Personal to-dos

Allow users to make personal to-do lists directly in your app so they can keep track and stay focused.

Task delegation

Create the ability to assign tasks to users within the platform to help ensure action-items don't slip through the cracks.


With notifications for assigned tasks, users are updated in real-time when there is something that needs to get done.

Team view

Open task lists mean all users can see what needs to be done, meaning priorities can be shifted and slack can be picked up.

Why embedded tasks?

Add some project management to your repertoire

Whether modern companies work in silos, or across departments - things can get messy. It's human nature. But if there are clear actions and to-do lists embedded into your app, it makes managing projects and finishing work that much easier. Give your users a way to handle their workload - they'll thank you later.

Keep your users actually using your app

One of the number one reasons for technology abandonment is when users don't feel they get enough value from it. By increasing the capabilities and features of your app, you increase the ways your customers use your app, thus keeping them engaged, active, and coming back for more.

Help your users help each other - and themselves

When processes are repetitive and we do the same tasks day in and day out, we don't need to be reminded of what needs to get done. But business doesn't work this way. When your users need a little help to remember what comes next, they won't need to seek that information elsewhere, they can just get on with it.

See it in action

See in-app tasks embedded, stand-alone, and in a mobile and learn how to add it to your app.

Designed for developers

The world’s only turnkey SDK & API

Rapidly add in-app Tasks to your app with our prebuilt UI. Our SDK & API is built to work for you with minimum effort and maximum effect.

<script src="https://d.weavy.com/s"></script>


  var sub = "###";


  /* New Weavy instance with your JWT SUB */

  var weavy = new Weavy({ jwt: sub });


  /* This renders the tasks in your app.

  Update container to your placeholder */

  weavy.space({ key: sub }).app({

    key: "t",

    type: "tasks",

    container: "#tasks"



Who benefits from using embedded Tasks?


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